Charity of the Year

A Message From Lara Lopez, Founder of Kids Kupboard Ministry in Lantana

“Dear children, let us not love by words and tongue, but through action and in truth. ”
1 John 3:18

Lantana August-7

Several years ago my husband, four daughters and I started Kids Kupboard Ministries to serve our Lord, our community and teach our children how truly blessed they are.  We wanted to be sure that they knew not everyone lived the bountiful life that they do.  We wanted them to learn that we bring joy to ourselves, and others when we share the blessings God has given us.

We began by approaching our children’s Lantana school and offering to drop bags of food off on Fridays for them to send home with children in need.  The bags provided them food to eat over the weekend, during which time they wouldn’t have access to school breakfasts and lunches.  We started with as many bags as we could afford to supply ourselves, which began as 25 bags a week.  Before we knew it we had food being dropped on our doorstep and neighbors coming to help us pack bags each week. We were soon able to add schools and we now pack over 100 bags a week.

Our ministry grew from just ministering to our own kids and those we were feeding, to ministering to our neighborhood kids as well.  They come to help each week. That is the way we came up with the name for our ministry, Kids Kupboard Ministries…. Kids Feeding Kids!

Each week we pack our 100 plus bags and pray over them. Our prayer is that these bags will provide nourishment for the precious children’s tummies and that they will also feel God’s great love for them as HE feeds them through us.